Vanishing Twin est un quintette pop psychédélique basé à Londres, fondé en 2015. Le groupe est fondé par Cathy Lucas, rejointe par la batteuse Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Shit and Shine, Raime, Neon Neon), le bassiste Susumu Mukai (alias Zongamin, producteur d’électro minimale), Phil MFU (Man From Uranus) pour s’occuper des sons bizarres et le réalisateur et artiste visuel Elliott Arndt à la flûte et aux percussions. Le producteur Malcolm Catto (Heliocentrics, Gas Lamp Killer) s’associe enfin au groupe pour envelopper les chansons de couches d’obscurité sub-aquatique et d’étrangeté.


Vanishing Twin are a heterogeneous crowd, no two members are the same nationality or speak the same language. They are would be doyens of Esperanto if it had only caught on; galactic citizens if it were an option at the passport office. They are scientists and creators excited by rituals and telepathy, book-wormed into action.
Dressed for the closing night of the original Dadaist nightclub Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, they sound like they are playing jazz at the end of the world’s end. They are like nothing else. Challenging, morphing, eclectic, ethereal – engaging. Their new album, ‘The Age Of Immunology’, was recorded in spaces reclaimed for their experiments. There are found sounds, Euro ambience, repurposed technologies, the sea. It’s motorik, symphonic. Different.

The sounds you hear are otherworldly, created by scavengers, hunters, gatherers, deft at pinging
milk bottles, caressing the Varispeed, and speaking in multi-lingual monologues, punctuated by
strings and things. The Vinyl Factory has likened them to fellow sonic adventurers Sun Ra, Ennio
Morricone and Stereolab.