Sylo Nozra est né à Toronto et a commencé à écrire de la musique et à jouer de la guitare à l’âge de 13 ans. La sortie Soundcloud de son premier EP solo « Late & Dawn » a été l’occasion de montrer sa capacité à écrire, chanter et produire en solo. À la fin de 2016, Sylo sort son deuxième EP «This_era» via les plateformes de streaming. Son single ‘Losing Myself’ retient particulièrement l’attention et rassemble des millions d’écoutes. À l’automne 2017, il publie à nouveau un EP ‘Fervor’ via les mêmes plates-formes. 2017 est une année décisive pour Sylo Nozra. Aujourd’hui il reçoit les éloges de la presse internationale tel que FADER, Complex et Vice.


Born in Toronto, Canada to first generation Korean-Canadian parents, Sylo Nozra began writing music on guitar at the age of 13. After a brief stint auditioning for ‘K-pop Star’ in 2015 in South Korea came to no avail, Sylo began to produce his own music. The Soundcloud release of his first solo EP ‘Late & Dawn’ put on an initial display of his capability to write, sing, and produce. Sylo began to receive attention from the Toronto music community for the project later in 2015. A local open mic performance prompted him to being approached by management. He then spent the following year completing his next project, concurrently working on collaborative efforts with several Toronto-based acts.

In late 2016, Sylo released his second solo EP ‘This_era’ via streaming platforms. His single ‘Losing Myself’ particularly gained notice from several of the most followed playlists curated by Spotify and amassed millions of streams. During the fall of 2017 he released his follow up EP ‘Fervor’ again via the same platforms. 2017 was a breakthrough year for Sylo Nozra. With the release of his critically acclaimed EP in 2016 under his belt, he stepped forward and put out a new longer album titled ‘Fervor’. His releases to date have garnered accolades from the highest levels of press, such as the FADER, Complex, and Vice and his singles have accrued mass streaming metrics, with some songs having over 5 million streams on Spotify.

Sylo Nozra collaborates with highly talented producers and artists from all over the world and has built an impressive team around him. Now, he is diving into his newest self-produced project, with the intent of making a new-age RnB masterpiece that will propel him onto the international stage. He has built a strong audience in Toronto and in the States, and with an international, widely connected team supporting him, this new project promises to take Sylo Nozra to the next major step in his career.