Blane Muise alias Shygirl nous vient du Sud de Londres et sort en novembre 2020 son dernier EP « Alias ».
Mélange d’acid-house, r’n’b futuriste et beats drum’n’bass déjantés, Shygirl invente un son inédit en multipliant les collaborations.


“An amalgamation of genres born in the club but not tied completely to it” – is how Shygirl has described her sound.

South-East London born and raised Shygirl is far from defined by her name. Shygirl is not an alter-ego but a collective of personality traits which can take her to the next level with no repercussions.

Born from long-time musical influences and exploration of sound, Shygirl is radiated outwardly by her creative flare and ostentatious performance style. Additionally she is highly renowned for wielding hand-held fans and her ever changing hair choices.

Shygirl’s highly-anticipated ALIAS EP was released on Nov 2020.
Across her new 7-track project, Shygirl — together with her aliases Baddie, Bae, Bovine and Bonk — deliver a mind-bending missive on self-actualization. Creatively based around overdriven traits that dwell within Shygirl, her new EP mines the depths of her own personality to extract the extremes: the nocturnal sexual deviant, the playful nymph, the nonchalant it-girl and the embodiment of her South London roots. Styled in their favorite designers and realized in 3D by digital artists Sy Blake and Maurice Andresen, the characters serve as a conduit through which Shygirl can embrace all her most polarizing traits, toxic or otherwise. From the pitched-up, playful call and response on EP opener « TWELVE » to the lightning-fast flow of grime-infused « LENG, » Shygirl’s aliases each play a different role in telling her story. Each of the four aliases was first introduced in the « SLIME » video, released last week and already breaking 100,000 views.

Acting as a conductor for some of UK music’s most exciting producers, Shygirl’s curatorial flair is on display throughout ALIAS, enlisting the help of producers like UK beatmaker Happa (« LENG, » « SIREN »), songwriter and musician Oscar Scheller (« TASTY »), SOPHIE & Kai Whiston (« SLIME »), Karma Kid (« BAWDY ») and NUXXE label co-founder Sega Bodega throughout the project.