Chantre du rock exigeant, en dehors des structures couplets-refrains chers à leurs cousins anglais, les Australiens de PVT (ex-Pivot) louvoient avec science entre math-rock, electro et dance-punk.

Singes savants, ils mêlent sur Homosapien sorti en 2013 des ambiances sombres et inquiétantes empruntées à Depeche Mode (Love&Defeat) ou Matthew Dear (Cold Romance) à une explosivité que ne renierait pas LCD Soundsystem (Casual Succes). Avec toujours ce synthé dévoyé sur lequel des voix plaintives tentent de survivre, parfois suppléées par les robots.
Leur nouvel album « New Spirit » est prévu pour le 17 février 2017.


PVT are international, though they’re known as Pivot to anyone in the know. They’re an act that’s embraced technology at every turn – gritty, new, confronting – and their uncompromised songwriting and musical understanding have seen their first four albums released to global acclaim. They’ve been all over, both on their own steam and in the support of acts like The Arctic Monkeys, Gary Numan, Warpaint, Bloc Party, and Gotye. After years of touring the band wound up cast far and wide residing each in a different continent. Men of the world. Seasoned campaigners.

2017 sees members Dave Miller along with brothers Richard & Laurence Pike return home, with their fifth album. Ask em why it was so long between drinks? They’ll tell it’s you none of your business. Ask what brought the three of them back together and they’ll say the same thing. Though one listen to their latest album ‘New Spirit’ suggests a compass-directed hometown reunion, in what has become a hotbed for political and cultural intolerance: The New Australia.