Ry X

Ry X


Débarqué aux yeux du grand monde depuis 2013, Ry X est la mûe réussie de Ry Cuming, nom de scène de l’artiste avant un virage musical opéré cette année là. Auteur-compositeur-interprète australien de talent, il l’était avant cette date, mais ce n’est qu’à la sortie de Berlin, plus personnel, qu’il assume ses racines et l’influence de Jeff Buckley, accouchant ainsi d’un EP pointu et poignant.

En mai 2016 il sort « Dawn », son premier album.


RY X was a seed that was planted, gently watered and nurtured. And it has grown, and blossomed. It has already grown beyond what I initially imagined.” Elaborates Australian artist RY X of his rise to notoriety following his standout debut EP, Berlin released late 2014.

Benchmarking his return is his new offering entitled « Only » – a seamless extension of its predecessor, which once again showcases RY’s boundless ability to create thought-provoking atmospheric pop music, engulfed with his distinctively ethereal vocal lines.

« Only » is the lead single to be taken from RY’s eagerly anticipated debut album, Dawn released 6th May via esteemed UK label, Infectious Music. A conscientious and unfeigned debut, RY discloses how the 12-track LP came to fruition via a candid process of self-discovery and trust – “I have followed my heart and it has been a beautiful process of building trust with myself, as an artist, and person.”