Naaz Mohammad est une jeune Néerlandaise d’origine turque qui vit à Rotterdam. Elle voulait se lancer dans la musique, mais ses parents étaient contre, estimant que cet univers était trop dangereux pour leur fille. Naaz cherche prudemment sa voie. Grâce à Catch Me (2015), une collaboration avec le duo électronique Yellow Claw, elle passe le test avec brio. Mais de suite, elle lève le pied. Priorité au diplôme, à la recherche d’un style personnel et d’une équipe efficace pour l’entourer. Elle baptise sa musique quirk pop : minimaliste et composée principalement de sons environnementaux naturels. Elle sort une série de titres magnifiques aux paroles positives : SadboyUp To Something et le tendre Words. En février dernier, elle reçoit le Prix Edison – plus ancienne et plus célèbre distinction du secteur musical néerlandais – dans la catégorie « Nouvelle artiste la plus prometteuse ». À la grande fierté de ses parents ! @RockWerchter


If you’ve ever “felt for somebody”, which should count for 100% of us here on Planet Earth, you will of definitely found solace in 19 year old Naaz’s message on new single “As Fun”.

The track is about leading with your heart even after you’ve done all those self-guarding mechanisms, the need to have felt something is rules as king.

“I wrote ‘As Fun’ to pay tribute to feeling, whether the emotion is good or bad” explains Naaz, who plays with the simple yet poignant fragility that comes with the territory of feeling for fun when she sings “bubbles burst when we touch them really soft / maybe we should just watch the view from where we are / but that wouldn’t be be as fun”

The song was penned and recorded in what might appear as the most bizarre location for creativity; Hitler’s own personal airport in Berlin. One of the building’s has since been turned into a recording studio for musicians, shining light into something once dark.

This incredible single follows-on from Naaz’s very promising fledgling career, which has seen her win two Edison Awards in her first year as a musician, which are the most prestigious in her native country of The Netherlands.

Across Europe she’s been a name across many specialist tastemakers, whether it be BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac who tagged her as one of her New Faces to look out for or The FADER, Noisey and various online media that’s championed her first handful of singles; Words, Can’t, Up To Something & Loving Love, which including this single & three songs, make up her debut EP, Bits Of Naaz.