Self produced American songwriter London O’Connor released his first song with the statement “My Name is London,  I am an explorer, this is a symbol I made O∆.”  Giving nothing else, London released his first single « OATMEAL » to the praise of the Pigeons & Planes, The Fader, Killscreen and several other internet tastemakers. Its release also generated a lot of industry attention, which he directed towards his fake manager Dylan Clampett’s (Bob Dylan + Bob Clampett) email/trash folder. He didn’t want his vision compromised by someone who wouldn’t let him take risks.

His first music video was a self-directed music videogame for “OATMEAL.”  His second music video (also self-directed), found him in his iconic housewife dress being rejected by a potential lover at the wind down of a house party, while his adolescent insecurities loom above him on the bedroom ceiling. Waiting until after his album’s release to play a single show, he performed his first show atop a 2’ light cube/electronic instrument, the construction of which he commissioned and lighting for which he programmed.

London O’Connor is committed to operating on his own terms. He is disarmingly honest but short with words. His rap verses will have hardly more than 2 sentences to them. He offers almost no context to the meaning of his songs, but will divulge embarrassing truths to a journalist about his upbringing in San Marcos without a second thought. When asked about the meaning of his songs, he sometimes replies with a one word answer.

London’s 10 songs fit like a jigsaw on his self-released debut album O∆, a genre-less full length project that has received acclaim universal acclaim from Dazed, Pitchfork (“as expertly constructed a pop album as anything that will be released this year”), The Fader, Complex, as well as radio play from BBC1, Beats 1, KCRW and more. Still building more interactive material to accompany O∆, London appears patient, but without boundaries.