Colin Newman (chant, guitare), Graham Lewis (basse et voix), Robert Grey (batterie) et Matthew Simms (guitares) forment le groupe Wire et font partie des très rares à avoir construit aussi longtemps le rock britannique. Ce groupe culte a traversé des phases marquantes du rock britannique : punk, post-punk, rock alternatif, art-rock, rock expérimental, shoegaze mâtiné d’électro. Le quartette londonien n’a rien perdu de son identité originelle tout en trouvant le moyen d’innover dans le son.

Nouvel album ‘Mind Hive’ prévu pour le 24 janvier 2020.


Since their formation in London in 1976, the members of Wire have maintained and advanced a musical project which treats the creative potential of a rock band as a fluid, amorphous medium. As removed from self-conscious intellectualism as they are from the inherent conservatism of much rock music, Wire employ their unique, endlessly restless and risk-taking creativity to question every aspect of songwriting, recording and performance. They delight and disturb in equal measure, troubleshooting the circuitry of perfect pop, or patrolling the limits of focused experimentalism. In terms of working together as Wire, the group’s members disbanded in 1980, reformed in 1985, disbanded in 1992 and reformed for the second time in 2000. Such sabbaticals from their career as Wire have served to sharpen the group’s edge and focus, updating the tactics with which they pursue this shared project.