Influencé par les plus grands beatmakers, l’Américain J-Dilla en tête, Tom Misch exalte un groove jazz et funky irrésistible. Le Londonien évoque ainsi des paysages de plages et de ciel bleu, grâce à des beats hybrides, calés sur des motifs synthétiques chaleureux. A seulement 22 ans, Tom Misch s’impose en véritable surdoué d’une scène électronique en pleine ébullition, multipliant ainsi des collaborations de plus en plus prestigieuses.

Son premier EP Beat Tape 1 combine des éléments venus du jazz et de la soul avec un groove à couper le souffle. En novembre 2014, il sort son dernier EP Out to Sea en collaboration avec Carmondy, puis Reverie en 2016. Son premier album Geography est déjà disponible.


Tom Misch is a UK musician who is already impressing music lovers worldwide. Entertaining a British audience is one thing, but having an underground record label in LA release an EP of your music is another. Funnily enough this is how we first heard Tom’s music, during a Soulection radio show broadcasted from California State University. The show’s frontman Joe Kay gave endless praise to a young beatmaker from London who made music with enough soul to satisfy the late J Dilla’s mother, and that’s not an exaggeration… J Dilla’s mother retweeted one of Tom’s songs. It quickly became apparent that something special was going on here.

Misch’s sound is true to its roots — he still makes his tracks in the same bedroom studio in his parents’ house, and his mum produces his artwork. (“​Her work is very DIY, just like my music, and feels homespun,” he explains.)​ But he’s never afraid to explore new territory. “I think it’s really important to make music that hasn’t been made before,” he says. “I’m trying to work out what my sound is, and pursuing that.” Fans might think they know his style, but Misch is a restless experimentalist, keen to spend endless hours honing his craft. One of his favorite new songs is a “Brazilian-sounding” jam that reflects how deeply he feels about his work. As he puts it: “It’s about how you can’t take away my love for music. I’ll always have that.”