« SuperJazzClub est un collectif créatif ghanéen composé d’artistes/producteurs/réalisateurs et DJ. Formé en 2018 à Accra, les membres, qui étaient alors amis, se sont réunis pour s’exprimer de manière créative et partager des idées en tant que collectif. Avec des intérêts créatifs différents, ils ont cherché à exploiter leurs différents horizons pour construire une unité cohérente dans la pensée, mais diversifiée dans le style.Depuis 2019, ils ont sorti un certain nombre de singles. Après leur précédent single « Bordeaux », le collectif ghanéen Superjazzclub poursuit sa route avec un nouveau single intitulé « Cellular ».



« SuperJazzClub is a Ghanaian creative collective consisting of artists/producers/filmmakers and DJs. Formed in 2018 in Accra, the members, who were then friends, came together to express themselves creatively and share ideas as a collective. With different creative interests, they sought to exploit their varying backgrounds to build a unit that was cohesive in thinking, yet diverse in style. Since 2019, they have released a number of singles including the ethereal “Bordeaux”.

Their 2020 EP “For All The Good Times” captured the essence of growing pains as a millennial, as listeners are directed through a series of voicenote skits which show the emotional highs, lows and middles of being a 20-something. 2021 saw them release the upbeat pop track “Cameras” as well as the slow tempoed « Jungle ».

2022 has seen the release of their tracks “MAD” and “Back to Kids”, the former being the foundation of their visit to France in May 2022. They spent the trip performing at FISE festival in Montpellier and then went on a press and radio tour in Paris for the song as it was doing so well in that region. SuperJazzClub featured on Rinse FM, Hotel Radio and recorded an interview with Pan African Music. Ahead of its video release, the group hosted a screening of “MAD” at Soho House in Paris before returning to their native Ghana to continue to work on music releases for the remainder of the year.

The rest of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will see SuperJazzClub continue to release music as well as visuals for said releases. Overall, SuperJazzClub came together to create music and share their interest in fashion, and have wound up contributing to the changing perception of the type of music made in Ghana. »