Le duo norvégien Smerz annonce son premier album ‘Believer’ pour le 26 février 2021. Ayant donné un avant-goût de leur univers sonore avec leurs EP ‘Okey’ (2017) et ‘Have Fun’ (2018), Catharina Stoltenberg et Henriette Motzfeldt révèlent l’étendue de leurs compétences, mêlant les références musicales de leur jeunesse (comédies musicales, musique classique) à des lignes de synthés inspirées par la trance, le hip-hop et le R&B.


Smerz’s upcoming full-length debut, Believer, begins with cascading chimes that almost sound as if they were plucked straight from a fairy tale. A slow and steady riff from a bass guitar then rings out, sounding as much like an acoustic instrument as it does a computer program attempting to mimic a guitar’s organic resonance. Even in the first few seconds Believer, Henriette Motzfeldt and Catharina Stoltenberg bring the innovative spirit of their adopted Copenhagen to bear on their past, one that’s marked by adolescent choir practices and dance rehearsals in their native Oslo, winter vacations spent in small cabins nestled in the vast, untouched landscapes of the Norwegian countryside, and an innate belief in collective responsibility.

Their first album Believer will be released on Feb 26th 2021.