Felix Weatherall aka Ross From Friends est une figure émergente de la scène lo-fi, Il puise son inspiration de tous les milieu musicaux : de la musique expérimentale aux samples hip-hop, il multiplie ses influences, lui permettant de poser sa touche artistique dans ses productions.

Son second album « Tread » est prévu pour le 22 octobre 2021.


Ross From Friends, AKA British producer Felix Clary Weatherall, is set to release his keenly anticipated second album ‘Tread’ on 22nd October via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. An artist who demonstrates an ever-increasing mastery of his craft, ‘Tread’ is a record that is at once sleek and melodic but also eminently danceable, nostalgic but brilliantly modern, with nods to sounds and styles that are not so much reflected but refracted and recontextualised through Clary Weatherall’s lens.

In 2018—following a handful of revered and sought-after singles and EPs throughout the mid-2010’s on labels such as Breaker Breaker, Lobster Theremin, Distant Hawaii, Magicwire and Molten Jets—Ross From Friends announced his signing to Flying Lotus’ legendary Brainfeeder label with the release of his ‘Aphelion’ EP. Accelerating a sonic shift that continues to this day, the release was characterised by an obsessive attention to detail that manages to marry an intricately layered production style with warm, heavily saturated sonics and emotive songwriting.
This was followed the same year by his debut album ‘Family Portrait’—the culmination of almost two years of intense studio time, working 20 hour days, and often spending months perfecting just one aspect of a track. ‘