Felix Weatherall aka Ross From Friends est une figure émergente de la scène lo-fi, Il puise son inspiration de tous les milieu musicaux : de la musique expérimentale aux samples hip-hop, il multiplie ses influences, lui permettant de poser sa touche artistique dans ses productions.


Inspiration for Ross From Friends comes from all corners of the musical milieu. From early experimental music to hip-hop sampling – even 80s Eurobeat and Hi-NRG helps to make up the comprehensive sound palette that Ross has the liberty of drawing from. Fashioning these wide-ranging influences into cleverly compressed and effervescent pieces of music, the output you hear from Ross is just as certain to make you move as it is to make you feel.

After Ross’ debut EP on Breaker Breaker Recordings, his music gained traction online in late-2015 through a series of mysterious SoundCloud uploads. Now, having attracted attention from Lobster Theremin sub label Distant Hawaii for his much anticipated ‘You’ll Understand’ EP, things are just getting started for the London-based producer. With a number of exciting creative endeavours also on the cusp of fruition – including a further Lobster Theremin white label release and his imminent EP on Lone’s Magicwire Recordings in the Spring- Ross has a truly bright future ahead of him.