Après un silence long de 5 ans, Purity Ring annonce la sortie de leur troisième album ‘WOMB, prévue le 3 avril prochain via 4AD. Entièrement écrit, produit, enregistré par le duo formé par Megan James et Corin Roddick, WOMB se veut la chronique de la quête d’un comfort idéal et de la recherche d’un refuge dans un monde qui échappe à notre contrôle.


WOMB is the newest offering from Purity Ring of Edmonton, Canada, and their third album on 4AD. Once again, Megan James and Corin Roddick wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed the album, infusing their care and intention into every element. 

WOMB chronicles a quest for comfort, the search for a resting place in a world where so much is beyond our control. The striking vulnerability of “ruby insides” – “If I could, I would let you see through me” – charts a course that’s both intensely personal and deeply connected to those close to us, our kin whether by nature or nurture. As the ground shifts beneath their feet, WOMB’s characters help one another face death, despair, and world-altering discovery with resilience and grace.  For all the terrain it encompasses, Womb’s quest culminates in “stardew”, a glittering, transcendent invitation to “just be where you are” – to experience the kind of powerful peace that can only be found by truly coming home. 

– Amy Macdonald