Spiritual leader, Icon, Prophet – that’s for others to say.Partiboi69’s only objective is to spread digital love and deliverlethal 69 techniques live and direct to your senses.Described on the Internet as “symbol of mutual love andmystery of the Australian underground,” Partiboi69 is asadvertised, without compromise. CEO of Mutual Pleasurerecord and Stingboi Productions, Partiboi69 fuses cuttingedge, computer animated graphics with the sounds of ElectroDank, Ghetto Freak and K-Tech, to create a portal into hiscomplex mind; A place where comfort and style areparamount, no stimulant is safe, and enjoyment is alwaysmutual. The most explicit samplings of this are “FreakyDreamz”, “Magnificent” and “Freaking You Out”, as well as histechnologically-advanced live mix broadcasts, as visuallypleasurable as they are aurally – much like 69ing