La musique d’Oscar Key Sung est perfectionnée par la discipline et l’obsession, un son qui vous laisse l’impression d’être consommé, épuisé, s’exprimant dans un espace à la fois intime et vaste.

Mélangeant des mélodies subtiles avec un paysage sonore plus vibrant et viscéral, alternant entre la tension des moments intimes et des moments plus impersonnels, entre sonorités RnB et musique pop, c’est ce qui rend son style si impalpable.



Oscar Key Sung’s music is a passion perfected through equal parts discipline and obsession, a sound that leaves you in a state of being consumed, used up, enjoyed, existing completely inside a space that is, at once, intimate and vast.

Fusing subtle melodies with a more throbbing and visceral soundscape, the tension between intimate moments, and the more impersonal, very danceable RnB and pop music fuelled moments are what make his style so impalpable.

Oscar’s latest EP ‘No Disguise,’ made in Point Lonsdale and Mexico City, and then revisited while living in Berlin and Los Angeles, captures the potency of a state of being that is immersive and transient. Each song is like a container of feeling and experience, memory and time.