Okkervil River est un groupe de rock américain emmené par  Will Sheff.

Okkervil River ont annoncé la sortie de leur nouvel album In The Rainbow Rain le 27 avril via ATO Records. Cet album est une déclaration d’espoir dans laquelle le leader du groupe Will Sheff explore la bravoure de l’optimisme et la beauté de la communauté. Produit par Sheff et mixé par Shawn Everett (Julian Casablancas, Alabama shakes), In The Rainbow Rain fait suite à l’acclamé Away sorti en 2016. Ce nouvel album prend cependant un chemin différent – alors qu’Away était songeur et solitaire, In The Rainbow Rain en est le chapitre suivant, gai et vulnérable.


A statement from Okkervil River’s Will Sheff:

In 2017 I started regularly attending Quaker meetings for worship, I spent a lot of time in therapy, and I started microdosing psychedelics. I had asked the band I’d hired to play on my last album Away to be my new band, the new version of Okkervil River, and we’d gone on a long tour of America and Europe that was my favorite touring experience I’ve had since 2003. In some ways, I felt like a kid again. I realized how phenomenally lucky I am that I’ve been able to play music for this long.

The new band had a recording date booked to work on songs while we were still tight from tour, and I had some material prepared but I wanted to write more. And if December 2016 was good for anything it was good for writing new songs. I wrote “The Dream and the Light” at a vacation home adjoining Frank Sinatra’s old place in Palm Springs; a friend’s father had died and she was treating herself and his nurse to a vacation and invited some friends along. Then I went to the Away cabin and wrote more new songs. We hit the studio and recorded about ten songs in three days, everybody playing together in the room and me singing vocals live. “The Dream and the Light,” “How It Is,” “External Actor” and “Pulled Up the Ribbon” were recorded during those sessions, as was “Famous Tracheotomies,” an autobiographical song about a lengthy hospitalization I experienced as a little kid.

I had intended the new songs to continue in the exact sonic vein of Away, but almost immediately they started to diverge somewhat wildly. The sound was more electric and playful – it was a happy sound, because I was happier than I’d been in years. I decided to keep going in that direction.