Né à Montréal, ODIE a grandi avec sa famille nigériane à Toronto, entouré par la musique depuis son plus jeune âge. Les albums  d’artistes tels que Kuti, Sunny Ade et Michael Jackson ont bercé son enfance, tandis que des artistes comme Usher ou Coldplay l’ont vu grandir lors de son adolescence.

Inspiré par Kid Cudi et Dan Black, le jeune interprète de 21 ans accompagné de son collectif ‘Unité’ influence le hip-hop moderne en créant son propre style.



I see myself as an Analogue artist in a Digital Age,” says ODIE the 21-year-old creative ushering in a new generation of music. Originally from Toronto and raised in the Bay Area, he brings together elements of Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Afro-Gospel/Beat and more to create his own distinct sound that transcends listeners to a world built from an ethereal yet natural soundscape. Coming off the release of his debut project “Analogue” which features singles “Little Lies”, “Story” & “North Face”, ODIE is poised to take center stage as he continues to evolve on his path towards world and self-discovery.