The debut EP – Never Sleep – from London based producer Moiré is the result of a lack of sleep – the obsessive expressions of a mind inspired by the city and the scene that has surrounded him for a long time.

The lead track on this release, »lose it » – the result of a collaborative effort between Moiré, Lessons and singer Heidi Vogel – is described by Moiré as that instant of losing and finding yourself, the moment you are walking through a club and everything is blurry then something clicks, changes, and the music becomes clearer and louder.

What follows is a track that can only be described visually as that surreal moment when you are on a roof top looking across the city at 5AM and the sun rises before you – « drugs », a track that grabs you unsuspectingly and refuses to let go.

Then comes Actress’ remix of « lose it ». After his first listen of the track, WERKDISCS boss Actress was inspired and with imperious form, deconstructed and twisted the track into a dancefloor roller, completely different to the original, showing that distinctive character that is so pervasive of Actress’ style.

The final track – « into » (Digital Only) – is something that takes you deep. Beautiful, intense and uncompromising sounds are layered into a cacophonous, shimmering wall that taps into that raw sound of the city that inspires this EP.

This release signals the arrival of a talented artist pushing his creative boundaries.