Joey Dosik

Joey Dosik

Secretly Canadian

Joey Dosik is an inveterate collaborator who has worked extensively with the likes of Vulfpeck, Nikka Costa and Miguel Atwood Ferguson, and who is a vital part of an Los Angeles music scene that updates vintage sounds into a more contemporary context. His debut EP, Game Winner, is a brisk, emotive collection of songs loosely inspired by the language and lore of basketball, the game he loves. At once cool and confident, Game Winner mirrors the NBA’s trademark swagger, as well as Joey’s journey back to music, as he wrote and recorded the collection while recovering from knee surgery. Game Winner mixes ‘70s-style orchestrations, modern soul flourishes, shades of vintage Marvin Gaye, Sade and even jazz, blending eras in away that feels utterly contemporary and wholly in step with the pop of today. The common thread throughout is musicality and song craft—the two pillars of Joey’s sound. Game Winner may be a snapshot, but it’s hardly an anomaly or an outlier. Basketball may have been Joey’s first love, but the sport is also the perfect metaphor for where he’s ended up musically. Joey’s forthcoming debut album Inside Voice is Joey doing what he’s always done. It is timely and timeless, bringing deep, foundational elements in sync with innovation and imagination.


Game Winner

Running Away