Multi-instrumentiste, chant compris, Joey Dosik transforme tout ce qu’il touche en une doucereuse texture soul à vous dilater la pupille et plus si affinité. Son EP, ‘Game Winner’ mélange des instrus 70′, des influences modern soul et une touche de vintage rappelant Marvin Gaye, prenant le meilleur des époques passées en ajoutant sa touche personnelle, le tout pour un résultat tout à fait en phase avec la pop d’aujourd’hui !



Joey Dosik honed his craft as part of a burgeoning Los Angeles scene that reinvents classic popular music to thrive in the present tense. With Inside Voice, Dosik delivers a level of depth rarely achieved in a debut, and the result is an instant classic by any standard. It’s brimming with emotions that linger and hum. It’s catchy as hell and can haunt you for days. You can take a casual listen or spend hours on repeat. Either way, Inside Voice will get you, because Joey Dosik writes human music for human beings. And boy does he write the hell out of it.

Title track “Inside Voice” builds gradually into 1970s-style soul, as Dosik’s remarkable vocal range hovers over a sparse arrangement. It’s quiet but — in keeping with the song’s concept, which Dosik describes as “deep, sexual, but also kind of silly”— it’s also a thrilling, intimate moment. “Take Mine” plays with negative space and a repetitive, gut-punching melody; what feels like a love song is actually a plea for unity against the turbulent backdrop of present-day politics. Throughout, Dosik does a remarkable job of honoring and evolving classic sounds, letting his uncanny gift for songwriting guide the way.