Pang [pang], nom : sensation physique ou émotionnelle soudaine de détresse ou de désir.
sensation physique ou douleur brève, soudaine; spasme.

Gruff Rhys annonce aujourd’hui son nouvel album ‘Pang!’, à paraître sur Rough Trade Records le 13 septembre prochain. ‘Pang!’ est un opus pop, combinant des paroles en Zulu et en Gallois. L’album, qui a vu le jour de manière impromptue en 18 mois, a été composé par Gruff Rhys, puis produit et mixé par l’artiste électro Sud-Africain Muzi. 

L’artiste gallois dévoile également le premier single éponyme, sur lequel il s’explique : « Pang! is a Welsh language song with an English title. It started as a folk reel and soon expanded into a ‘list’ song, listing various reasons for pangs; hunger, regret, twitter, pain, bad design etc. Using the english word pang in a Welsh language track may appear as weird but I suppose it’s like using the French word ‘Magazine’ in an English song. In that it’s slightly pretentious but completely acceptable ».


“I’d made a note of the name after driving past a sign when I was on tour in 2014. Cut to a few years later and the studio where I recorded the album was being knocked down just a week after I finished to make way for a ‘luxury’ apartment development. I was looking for a name that evoked the Tower of Babel – people building towers to reach an idea of heaven (but maybe creating a kind of hell – I’m an atheist by the way!) In any case I had written Babelsberg down and when I listened to the songs together, it finally made sense why I’d done that.” Gruff Rhys