Fil Bo Riva est un artiste impossible à cataloguer. Le nom de Filippo Bonamici, né en Italie, n’est pas ce qu’on pourrait appeler un groupe régulier ; c’est plutôt un projet, combinant les talents de deux amis proches – Bonamici et le guitariste Felix A. Remm – qui crée des joyaux de pop alternative dotés d’une confiance et d’une assurance légères.


Fil Bo Riva is an artist who is impossible to pigeonhole. The moniker for Italian born Filippo Bonamici, it is not what you would call a regular band; it’s more of a project, combining the talents of two close friends – Bonamici and guitarist Felix A. Remm – that crafts alternative pop gems possessed of a breezy confidence and assurance. And with the announcement of highly anticipated debut album Beautiful Sadness with timeless, heartfelt and classic songs for March 2019, alongside a European tour, Fil Bo Riva stands ready to shape and evolve the project into something truly special.

“Running in Circles” is a song I wrote in early summer 2021. The lyrics and demo were actually finished pretty fast compared to how long it takes me to write a song sometimes. There was something about it that made me want to get it done on the same day, it had something special about it and I felt like I was writing down everything I wanted and needed to hear during that time of my life. Then I let it rest for a while and picked it up again after some months. I spent days, weeks, months trying to figure out in what direction the production should go, I think it’s the track with the most demo versions I ever made. It’s funny / interesting cos the song is exactly about that, running in circles and not coming to an end, never reaching the finish line – and as I said before it took a long time for the song to reach it’s final form but in the end it turned out the way it was supposed to be. 

To me „Running in Circles” is about feeling lost in this world and never finding the right way. But at the same time it’s also about how we as humans try to escape this feeling by doing other things, distracting ourselves, going out, drinking, etc. Like I say in the song “i’ve been running in circles, i’ve been losing the meaning of time, cos i’ve been running in circles, but i’m gonna let it go for the night”. I think this track is raw and honest in what I wanted to express. It reflected my state of mind during that time and helped me going through that phase, so now I really hope it’ll do the same for other people. I think we all know the feeling of finding ourselves in the same situation again and again saying to ourselves: how do I always end up here again? This song is saying that sometimes we have to jump in at the deep end and really make a change in life in order to break free of what’s holding us back of becoming a better version of ourselves.

 In a way, it’s a song about the power of letting go and breaking one’s own routine. Sometimes we get so stuck with life… We hold on to bad habits or wrong expectations, or we try to be something or someone that we are not and losing touch with ourselves by doing so.  Letting go and accepting reality can be terribly horrifying and scary.  But in so many instances in life, it is what will make you heal or grow. 

So, in a way “Running in Circles” is about finding truth and reality in something new. Something that we weren’t able to see before.