Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman

Bar/None Records, PIAS

Ezra Furman, nouvelle signature du label Bella Union dévoile son premier titre en mars 2015. Son album Perpetual Motion People sorti en juillet 2015 était une pépite pop et colorée ! Les intonations de Dylan, les accents de Neil Young, Ezra Furman est un chanteur à la voix singulière et aux titres ravageurs.

Ezra Furman est de retour en 2017 avec « Driving Down to L.A » et nous réserve de belles surprises.


Ezra Furman is a guy you want to know all about. That’s why when the Internet was recently invented (ca. 2008?) Ezra snapped into action and began his two-year preparation of his blog. On this blog he will include every single thought that crosses his mind, all the songs he likes, all the bands he likes, all the songs he makes up, and everything he writes including poems prose and grunts.

Basically it’s just about music and poems. Probably just music actually.

Following the success of the single ‘Restless Year’, Ezra Furman announces his new album Perpetual Motion People, which will be released 6th July on Bella Union. The album delivers a cascade of memorably bristling hooks driven by a unique splicing of timeless influences with a restless urgency and combative spirit that shines through the American’s vocals and lyrics. Having taken his time to work his way into the public consciousness, Furman’s moment is unquestionably now, as he finally faces an expectant audience hungry for the next stage of his thrilling approach, on record and on stage.

Perpetual Motion People was recorded with Furman’s current band The Boyfriends – comprising Jorgen Jorgensen (bass), Ben Joseph (keyboards, guitar), Sam Durkes (drums) and saxophonist Tim Sandusky – at studio Ballistico in Furman’s home city of Chicago (though he’s currently based in San Francisco). The album kicks off with ‘Restless Year’, about which Consequence Of Sound described as, “a ball of energy, bouncing around genre borders with glee. There’s the rebellion of ’90s indie rock, a string of sunshine-y ’80s pop, and the snarl of ’70s punk.”


Driving Down To L.A.