Elf Kid est originaire du sud de Londres et membre fondateur du groupe The Square aux côtés de Novelist. Du haut des ses 18 ans, Elf Kid est téméraire et s’attaque au son avec force et assurance. Son flow vif et son énergie débordante marquent les esprits, notamment avec son freestyle sur « Gosh » de Jamie XX. Son premier EP, Golden Boy, produit par No Hats No Hoods, est sorti à l’automne et promet de faire du bruit.


Sometimes a song comes along that is so undeniable and instantly brilliant you can’t do anything but hit repeat. ‘Golden Boy’ by grime MC Elf Kid is one of those moments.

Producer Lolingo – that’s him at 1:27 – has taken a sample of Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ (itself built on The Meters’ 1969 song ‘Oh, Calcutta’), and packed it full of the kind of pace and energy that lesser MCs would struggle to keep up with. Elf Kid is fearless though and he attacks the beat with power and confidence. “This one’s a stonker” he says at the start of the track, knowing full well that he’s sitting on a grade-A banger.

Filmed on Lewisham high street in South London and the Pepys Estate in Deptford, the song’s video is effervescent and bursting with life. Catch Elf Kid as he rhymes stood on top of a bus stop, hanging out with elderly market traders and being pushed around in a trolley by his mates. He looks like he’s about to burst out of the frame throughout.

Until now, Elf Kid has been best known as a member of The Square alongside the more high-profile Novelist and for taking Jamie xx’s ‘Gosh’ and giving it a grime makeover. ‘Golden Boy’ is his moment though – a game changer for the young MC that could, on this form, be the start of something special.