Communions est composé des frères Martin et Mads Rehof, et de Jacob van Deurs Formann et Frederik Lind Köppen, il suscite rapidement l’attention par leurs mélodies transcendantes, leurs accords de guitares délicats et leur musique pop émotive faisant référence à la naïveté de la jeunesse.


Communions, made up of brothers Martin and Mads Rehof, Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen, are fast-gaining attention for their transcendent melodies, delicate guitar lines and emotive pop songs about naivety and youth.

Danish four-piece Communions have announced details of a new EP. Communions will be released on Tough Love Records on Monday 1st June. The EP is the second release on Tough Love Records, following the release of AA-side single So Long Sun/Love Stands Still at the end of 2014. The limited 7” sold-out and Pitchfork were quick to praise the A-side and hone in on their musical influences: “The song oozes effervescent warbles—from vocalist Martin Rehof, and the interplay of shimmering guitars, and lovely crescendos of reverb, reminiscent of early Stone Roses.” (Pitchfork)