En septembre 2023, l’artiste et productrice caro♡, née en France, basée à Londres et membre du groupe Planet1999, annonce la sortie de son deuxième album ‘wild at <3’ via PC Music. En même temps que l’annonce de l’album, elle partage le premier single de son nouvel album, « from the heart <3 ». Son enfance dans le calme de la France côtière a profondément façonné sa relation à la créativité : « Je me sens comme une étrangère ayant grandi dans un endroit où il n’y a pas d’industries culturelles. Je ne connaissais pas la différence entre un auteur, un producteur ou un compositeur lorsque j’étais enfant, alors je n’ai pas construit ces frontières dans ma tête ». caro♡ est membre fondatrice et chanteuse principale du trio pop Planet 1999, également signée par PC Music. Son premier album Heartbeats/Heartbreaks a été accompagné de remixes de Count Baldor, Cecile Believe et d’autres, et depuis sa sortie, elle a travaillé en tant que productrice sur des singles externes pour MEYY, daine etc.  Avec Planet 1999, elle a notamment produit pour Charli XCX, et caro♡ a également remixé A. G. Cook, Namasenda, Erika de Casier, Wave Racer et plus encore.



The French-born, London-based artist and producer caro♡ announces her sophomore album wild at <3 to come out on September 8 via PC Music. Along with the announcement, she shares the first composition from the LP, “from the heart <3”. A member of Planet 1999, her upcoming 11-track album follows her debut Heartbeats/Heartbreaks.

caro♡ talks more about “from the heart <3”: “I remember hearing the vocal melody of the intro in my head first, which doesn’t happen to me that often as I usually start a song by improvising on the keyboard. I like ‘instrumentals’ or songs with voices but no words, because it sometimes seems more honest in a way, or more straight to the point, it’s out of any cultural consideration and it’s almost like it belongs to another realm because it can touch someone and convey specific feelings without the use of the rational parts of the brain, like it goes straight to your heart. I like that this song is dramatic also. To me it somehow resumes the emotional journey I’ve taken for the past two years. It starts as this melancholic and nostalgic melody, then it hits and it sounds to me like how deep pain hits and confuses you, you feel like maybe you’ve lost everything and that you’re the only one who can get you out of this ordeal, you feel quite isolated, then there’s a brief respite where time sort of floats, and then all the way to the end is the ascension towards something greater, the gathering of strength. It’s like an eagle spreading its wings which were once broken. 

When I hear the second part of the song I imagine myself as a warrior who’s carried away by so much bravery and faith that there’s just no fear in my heart anymore, and I’m not thinking about any outcome, I’m just making my journey through with conviction, getting stronger and stronger along the way. I thought it was a good closing track because, like ‘behind the clouds’ it is a sort of a summary, and I like its title also, because I think I really tried to do this with this song…and album, i wanted to speak from the heart.”

Her upbringing in the remote stillness of coastal France has deeply shaped her relationship to creativity, “I feel like an outsider having grown up in a place where there’s no cultural industries. I didn’t know the difference between a songwriter, a producer or a composer as a kid so I didn’t build these boundaries in my head”. caro♡ is a founding member and lead vocalist of the pop three-piece and fellow PC Music signees Planet 1999. Her debut album Heartbeats/Heartbreaks saw accompanying remixes from Count Baldor, Cecile Believe + more, and since its release, she has been working as producer on external singles for MEYY, daine and more. With Planet 1999 she has also notably produced for Charli XCX, and caro♡ has also remixed A. G. Cook, Namasenda, Erika de Casier, Wave Racer and more.

caro♡ releases her new album wild at <3 via PC Music on September 8 2023.