Boy Pablo, c’est un artiste originaire de Bergen (Norvège) qui a fait paraître son premier EP, Roy Pablo, en mai 2017. Les morceaux de Boy Pablo oscillent entre joie et mélancolie, souvent comparé à Mac Demarco ou Mild High Club.

Sur scène, Pablo ramène ses 4 meilleurs amis. Ils ont joué ensemble au World Cycling Championship en première partie d’artistes tels que Beach Fossils et Anna of the North, et devant le roi et la reine de Norvège, ils ont également écumé les festivals d’été et tourné en concerts en Norvège. Pablo nous promet un live énergique et un voyage lyrique avec sa bedroom pop.

Son premier album Wachito Rico est prévu pour le 23 octobre 2020.


Born and raised in Norway by Chilean parents, Pablo Muñoz aka Boy Pablo is a 19-year-old songwriter and producer making indie-pop songs for every walk of teenage life. Gaining early praise from The FADER, Pigeon & Planes, RedBull Sound Select and more, Boy Pablo is quickly rising to the forefront of the bedroom indie-pop genre.

Boy Pablo is an old soul caught up in a thoroughly modern, DIY success story. As a kid, strong, musical male role models like his father and brothers inspired him to first start experimenting with Garageband and MacBooks at age 10. Equal influence arrived from the multidisciplinary production and self-starter ethos of the likes of Tyler The Creator, as Pablo began putting snippets of ideas to digital tape and piecing them together in his childhood bedroom.

Boy Pablo’s breakout moment thus far proved to be « Everytime »: what appears to be an affecting outsider’s-anthem of going unnoticed, whose spontaneous shoestring accompanying video (featuring Pablo and his pals frolicking in a Norwegian fjord) started to spread via word of mouth. Falling into discussions on Reddit and unknowingly picked up by Youtube’s recommended videos, « Everytime » has since amassed a staggering 7 million+ hits, much to the bemusement of Boy Pablo and his close-knit circle (which includes 777, a YouTube channel turned record label in the wake of « Everytime’s » success, staffed only by his closest friends).

But if good luck and YouTube’s recommendations helped Boy Pablo find an audience, it’s the heart and soul at the core of his lovelorn, classic songwriting that kept them there.