BICEP – le duo de Matt McBriar et Andy Ferguson de Belfast, désormais installé à Londres – a le plaisir d’annoncer son premier album éponyme, un disque qui raconte l’histoire de ces deux artistes et leur passion pour la musique et la culture club depuis leur première publication en 2010. L’album Bicep est sorti le 1er septembre 2017 chez Ninja Tune.

BICEP sont tout d’abord et avant tout des amoureux de musique qui ont une connaissance et une passion profondes pour tous les genres. Ils ont découvert la musique électronique grâce à Aphex Twin et Laurent Garnier, par exemple, puis ont commencé à creuser davantage dans l’lDM, l’italo, la techno, l’électro, la jungle et tout ce qui tourne autour. Pendant leurs dix années de carrière, ils ont célébré la musique qui les inspire dans leur blog Feelmybicep – au départ un moyen d’assouvir et désormais un facteur qui contribue à leur habitude de collectionner les enregistrements. Il a fait sortir le duo hors des frontières anglaises pour le propulser sur la scène internationale via des DJ sets d’un éclectisme à l’image de leur blog.

En 2016, Andy et Matt ont conçu et testé un spectacle live incroyable – un contraste saisissant par rapport à leurs DJ sets si appréciés, mais qui met en lumière l’étendue et la précision de la discographie BICEP, sa production talentueuse et ses idées ingénieuses, tout en renforçant son sens profond du détail.
L’album Bicep résume à la perfection la carrière du duo jusqu’à ce jour – une tournée acoustique qui raconte une histoire touchant les fondements de la culture club underground.


As producers, DJs, label founders and avid record collectors, the London­based / Belfast­born duo Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson (aka BICEP) have become two of the most trusted curators of electronic music in the past decade. Newly signed to Ninja Tune, 2017 sees them poised to make their most concise, articulate and daring musical statement yet, with the release of their debut self­titled album.

Fittingly, the record encapsulates all that the duo have come to pioneer over their ten year career: it is the distillation of myriad influences and inspirations, a richly textured trip that channels the freeform experimentalism of early 90s IDM and renovates the house music blueprint. Furthermore, it succeeds in balancing club music with home listening, just as Matt and Andy have succeeded in breaking into the mainstream whilst remaining true to their underground roots.

Born and raised in Belfast, Matt and Andy were steadfast childhood friends. Releasing on Ninja Tune is a natural fit for the pair, whose musical upbringings were decidedly eclectic. “I was into Slayer,” laughs Matt. “My parents listened to Tangerine Dream and Van Morrison and weird world music.” Andy’s side leaned more towards rock: “My dad was in bands. He was friends with Rory Gallagher and they lived in the same area” he says. “Through my early years I started listening to local stuff like Rudi, Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers. I then moved onto the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode through listening to John Peel.”

Despite this keen musicality at home, they discovered in their teenage years how resistant their city was to the sounds that they were falling for. “When we were younger, ‘dance music’ was very much a dirty word in Belfast,” says Matt. “Even following a direction in art was frowned upon.” Early solace was found in radio rips of Tim Sweeney’s early Beats In Space shows ­ “Our friend’s brother in New York used to record them to CD and bring them back and we’d all sit around and listen” ­ and pilgrimages to a club called Shine, where The Chemical Brothers, Dave Clarke and Underground Resistance would play. “We were sneaking in with tennis balls in our shoes to give us a couple more inches,” Matt recalls. “We were cut off from the UK, and the UK is cut off from Europe. People wore a certain type of jeans and had a certain haircut. Shine was one of the few things that felt different. Punks, goths, chavs were all there. It was such a mad mix.” This radically open­minded fusion of style and sound would inform the pair’s relentless digging, DJ sets and productions for years to come.