Pendant que Benjamin John Power faisait son trou sous le nom de Blanck MassAndrew Hungtraçait tranquillement son propre chemin, en douce, ne lâchant que quelques Eps en 2015. Il le dévoilera au grand jour le 6 octobre puisque c’est à cette date que sortira ‘Realisationship’ chez l’excellent label Lex, également très discret depuis quelques mois. ‘Say What You Want’, ‘Animal’ et ‘Elbow’, premiers singles surprenants tant ils se démarquent de Fuck Buttons et puisqu’il y dévoile sa voix, s’écoutent ci-dessous.



Andrew Hung releases his debut album « Realisationship » on Lex Records in October. « Realisationship » acts as a marker for a revelatory period for the artist; the cocoon of his previous work is shattered and a new relationship with the inner infinite emerges.
Hung attracted the attention of film director Jim Hosking who asked him to soundtrack his film « The Greasy Strangler ». « I absolutely loved it; it was an intense 3 week period of getting the music together, but it felt so good to run away with ideas for someone else. I was like an actor ». The film garnered incredible praise, and winning multiple awards.

This period saw a new-found love of collaboration and Hung found himself freshly invigorated. The journey of his debut album « Realisationship » pushed the artist to the forefront; writing, producing and singing on his record. « I had no idea I was going to be singing on this record; it just happened! It was inevitable with regards to what I’d been doing, but yeah I had no idea. Gaining the confidence to sing was the hardest part ».
Andrew Hung’s debut album « Realisationship » documents the rise of an artist to his self-realisation, at once confused and alone crescendo’ing into belief and power. The vulnerable becomes the powerful, the voiceless becomes the shout; this is the duality of Realisationship.