Full Time Hobby

Throws est le nouveau projet de Mike Lindsay (Tunng, Cheek Mountain Thief) et Sam Genders (Tunng, Diagrams).
Leur premier album sort en juin 2016 et a été enregistré en Islande avec des membres de Sigur Rós et Múm.

Throws s’est inspiré du mouvement de la capitale islandaise : la vie sur l’océan et le flux des rues cachées, les bars bondés et les cafés animés remplis de pêcheurs.
Le premier extrait de l’album  » The Harbour », mélange de guitare et de synthé est une hymne à l’excentricité.


There is always a moment, just before meeting an old friend, when fear kicks in. Has the relationship fizzled, or do you just pick up where you left off? For Mike Lindsay and Sam Genders, Tunng’s founding forefathers, a magical Icelandic adventure of man chats, drinks-til-dawn, and a little ‘Northern Falsetto’ has found the pair re-igniting their spark on new record Throws.

Nearly ten years since the release of Tunng’s third album Good Arrows and the last time the partnership’s imagination was let loose together – comes Throws; the sound of two old friends and collaborators reconnecting, catching up on each other’s lives and creating ideas on an enchanting island. During their time apart Mike had been living in Reykjavik and Sam had moved to Sheffield; it became apparent the two friends had taken dramatically different paths in love, location, and life. Curious what they could produce second time around; with no preconceived agenda Sam packed his suitcase and joined Mike in his Reykjavik studio, in the town’s industrial old fishing harbour, with no more intentions than catching up with his old buddy.

Tracing relationships with all their twists and turns – romantic, bromantic and those brief encounters. Throws is about being connected to your surroundings, friendships and rekindling the magic, but also very much about the present – living life with passion, no matter where it takes you.


The Harbour