La culture dicte ses propres dirigeants. Alors que le courant dominant se transforme après des générations d’homogénéité, les outsiders d’aujourd’hui exigent une voix sur le devant de la scène. Princess Nokia s’exprime. En toute simplicité, mais naturellement, elle comble le vide avec une honnêteté rigoureuse, brute et réelle, enfermée à l’intérieur de raps tranchants. La MC portoricaine née à New York, chanteuse, auteure-compositrice, entrepreneuse, icône du style, actrice et activiste, amplifie sa propre voix dans la musique, la mode, le cinéma et la société en 2019 et au-delà. Elle est peut-être née Destiny Frasqueri, mais aujourd’hui, Princess Nokia projette un symbole de possibilité — prouvant le pouvoir de l’authenticité soutenu par un mouvement grandissant.

Un périple digne d’un livre l’a conduite où elle est aujourd’hui. Après avoir perdu sa mère et avoir passé la moitié de sa vie dans une famille d’accueil, elle s’est relevée au-dessus de toutes sortes d’épreuves et de tribulations et en a fait une chronique poétique.

Princess Nokia avait sorti son premier album Metallic Butterfly en 2014 (augmenté de trois titres l’année dernière), ainsi qu’une cool mixtape, A Girl Cried Red, elle signe son grand retour en 2020. Elle mêle brillamment sonorités puisées dans les origines portoricaines de Destiny et un R’n’B sensuel et singulier. Sur sa dernière mixtape, fini le rap old school new-yorkais, place à une pop-rock baignée d’emo. On a hâte de voir ce qu’elle nous concocte pour l’année prochaine!


Culture dictates its own leaders. As the mainstream morphs after generations of homogeny, today’s outsiders demand a voice in the spotlight. Princess Nokia certainly speaks up. Unassumingly, yet naturally, she fills the void with rigorous, raw, and real honesty encased inside of razor sharp raps. The New York-born Puerto Rican MC, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, style icon, actress, and activist amplifies her own voice across music, fashion, film, and society in 2019 and beyond. She may have been born Destiny Frasqueri, but today, Princess Nokia projects a symbol of possibility—proving the power of authenticity supported by a growing movement.

A book-worthy journey brought her to this point. After losing her mother and shuffling in-and-out of foster care for half of her life, she rose above all manner of trials and tribulations and chronicled it in poetry.

Soon, those poems transformed into anthems across early mixtapes and projects, including Honeysuckle, Vicki Gotti, and 1992. After a series of releases, she infiltrated the conversation with the 2017 independent breakthrough, 1992 Deluxe [Rough Trade]. Not only did it reach the Top 25 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, but NME pegged it among “The Albums of the Year, Noisey graded it “A, and The Guardian rated it 4-out-of-5 stars. Regularly selling out headline tours, often directing her own videos, and consistently churning out tens of millions of streams, she kept her business independent and made calculated moves to be heard even louder—ranging from hosting an Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show “The Voice in My Head with Princess Nokia” to co-starring in the high-profile Maison Margiela launch for Mutiny. 

Along the way, she also engendered widespread tastemaker acclaim extensively profiled by everyone New York Times, Stereogum, Vice, and more. However, Princess Nokia continued to ceaselessly push herself creatively. 

Retreating to Los Angeles to record new music, she endeavored to evolve in 2019. That evolution crystallizes on the single “Sugar Honey Iced Tea (S.H.I.T.)”. During a trip to Puerto Rico, the song came to life from a poem, much like her earliest compositions. Except this time, she penned the empowering lyrics on the beach. When she returned, she took the reins as far as production goes, making decisions to add rich choir and boisterous horns. The track earned earned major praise everywhere from Vogue to Rolling Stone to E!, and more. She released a Genius Verified and VEVO CNTRL session for the track and graced the cover of Cultured Magazine that same month. 

Follow up single « Balenciaga » a biting, razor sharp track on which Princess Nokia sets her confidence front and center as she blocks out designer label followers and dresses for herself.

Quietly rising up as a voice the game needs, Princess Nokia continues to rap for all the right reasons. As she puts it on “S.H.I.T.,” she affirms, “Don’t do this shit to be famous, I do this shit because I love it.

She might just be the voice the culture needs.