Howling est le duo Frank Wiederman (la moitié de Âme) et Ry Cuming, plus connu comme Ry x. Ils commencent leur collaboration en 2012 avec le titre « Howling » qui deviendra leur nom de scène.

Leur premier album  Sacred Ground est disponible en streaming ici, et est sorti en mai 2015.


With Howling, Frank Wiedemann, one half of the deep house duo Âme, and Ry Cuming, singe-songwriter from the US, brought us the club hit of 2013, no doubt. Acoustic guitar sounds, a laid back bass drum, Cuming’s soothing voice on top and the perfect hookline – out of this collaboration, where genre worlds collide, something great arose. We’re more than thrilled that the two boys will continue their live collaboration this year.

Both artists’ backgrounds meld together to create productions that transcend categorization: subtle yet deeply moving songs that glisten with divine instrumentation and percussion. Howling productions have an organic thread
running throughout, down to their very first collaboration (the track ‘Howling’): a test experiment that turned into an award-winning underground anthem. Initially a simple guitar/vocal sketch that Ry sent to Frank for fun, Frank instantly took to it (adding “a little bit of a drumbeat, but very carefully”), and within a few days started testing it in his live sets to thousands of rapturous clubgoers. After Dixon closed his Boiler Room set with
‘Howling’ in early 2012, a wild viral demand forced them to release the single through Innervisions.