Une voix vertigineuse et un océan d’échantillonnages s’entrechoquent pour former des mélodies hallucinogènes. La psych-pop d’Airick Woodhead trace une image fracturée de l’homme perdant contact avec la réalité dans une société post-internet.

Des paysages sonores surréalistes à la fois méditatifs et indomptables.

Son nouvel album The Air Conditioned Nightmare est sorti en avril 2015.


The Air Conditioned Nightmare is the name of the new album by Doldrums.

The title was spawned by Henry Miller upon his return to the US after ten years as an expatriate. Keen to rediscover the country he left behind, Miller found it a stifling place of big business, pollution, credit, misinformation and prejudice. In short: a spiritual, moral, cultural and aesthetic vacuum. “Nowhere else in the world,” he wrote in his 1945 collection of essays “is the divorce between man and nature so complete”.  The Air Conditioned Nightmare.

Doldrums craft musical montages, paint sonic pictures from a new palette, construct sounds using Airick’s own unique architectural blueprint. They apply a punk rock ethos to electronic music, creating songs using samplers and DJ gear in place of guitars. Bold, anxious, dream-like, uplifting, glacial, hypnotic, constricting, expansive, alien – this is an album that is ever-changing.