Apollo Noir commence la musique à l’adolescence en tant que batteur dans des groupes de punk/hardcore/grind. Les années et les groupes passent apollo se forge une solide culture musicale alternative et entame une collection de synthétiseurs analogiques qui lui donneront les moyens de ses ambitions musicales futures.

Arrivé à l’age adulte il est prêt à lancer son projet musical personnel, Apollo Noir. Ces années de gestation lui ont permis de cultiver et affiner un univers singulier et mystérieux.

C’est naturellement qu’il rejoint le label Tigersushi pour son premier album ‘A / N’. Ce début est pour lui une distorsion de la réalité où la frontière entre vie et spiritualité se fait très mince. Apollo crée une musique avant-gardiste affutée où se mêlent brutalité, minimalisme et perfectionnisme. Quelques voix transformées sonnent comme les prières des messes de demain.

Des inspirations allant de la musique expérimentale de Vangelis, Oneohtrix Point Never jusqu’à la noise de Sonic Youth.

Apollo Noir nous propose un voyage vers un futur utopique, psychédélique et torturé. La nouvelle planète sauvage.


Under the new moniker A/N, French producer Apollo Noir delves deeper into his music and casts a strong yet versatile sonic alloy of atmosphere, beat, voice and texture.

ACIE E R R (alliteration, French for steel) is a raw, eloquent and fickle stream of consciousness of openness and transparency.

Coming from the steel-city of Thiers, where his family forged a reputation as unrivaled knife manufacturers, A/N does not hide his deep bond with the age-old metal alloy and its making, which here become a structural metaphor in a work that inevitably goes deep into the emotional, the personal and the political.

A sort of ‘romanticism of steel’ sets the narrative mode of the eight tracker where touching chords progressions, pounding beats, synth washes and eerie vocal intrusions alternate grounded physicality and propulsive sways with unfathomable angelic hues and electro-acoustic subtleties.
Making use of a wide range of analog equipment and the invaluable help of drummer Seb Forrester, A/N’s textural sound stream tempers its gleaming chrome finishes by means of sonic shocks and sublime coatings of distorted warmth.

From the bubbling arpeggios of ‘Mentir En Temps De Crise’ and the organic texture of ‘Disparaître’, to the clustered sound particles of ‘Chromé’ and the instant-classic attitude of ‘Avoueur Condamner’ (Andy Stott, Lanark Artefax) ACIE E R R’s contrasting sonic energies bring openness and versatility into focus

Faithful to his roots, both musical and geographical, French artist and producer Remi Sauzedde (aka Apollo Noir, A/N) spent his juvenile years between the black woods of his motherland Auvergne and the rehearsal cave
of his hardcore punk band.
Now, thanks to a refined transversal culture and an accumulation of analogue synths which helped him to achieve his ambitions, he is performing a unique and hybrid form of electronic music.

Remi has released his music through Tigersushi, Sante ‘Records and has been part of the SHAPE platform program for 2021 with a transmedial project in collaboration with Thomas Pons.